NHL 2019-20 OT/ST heroes

In hockey, every game must have a winner. If the main time (3 periods) does not reveal it, then an additional period - overtime. In it, the game goes up to the first goal - sudden-death. In playoff games, at the end of overtime, if still there are equal scores, additional overtime are held. In other games, shootouts are used to determine the winner. 

I have prepared statistics for players who scored (for overtime or shootout) or assisted (for overtime) in reaching the final goal. The NHL games of the 2019-2020 season are taken into account. As always, you are unlikely to see such observations anywhere else.

First, the teams with the most number of games where three periods were not enough:

Conversely, the teams with the smallest number of games with Overtime and/or Shootout:

Team with the fewest games with shootouts - San Jose Sharks (3 games)

And with the largest number:

I also evaluated the performance of the teams in OT / SO:

Most successful:

And least:

Highest scoring OT / SO players:

Remind that in shootouts, the game is stopped only after one of the teams has achieved an advantage, not just after a goal.

Players with the most goals (just SO):

Goalie with the most saves (just SO):

And players with the most missed shots:

You probably already know this, but let me remind you once again about the longest game of the season - Columbus Blue Jackets vs Tampa Bay Lighting 8 Nov 2020. As many as 5 overtime!