Scorers of the well-deserved goals

Hockey is definitely a team game, but today I draw your attention to the one-man goal. According to the rules, the previous puck possession by a skater of the same team before the goal (except the scorer) counts as assist. Most goals (except for bullets) are made with assists. Goals without help happen - when a player takes possession of the puck not as a result of passes.

So, to the cases when the player attacked the goal (there was saved shot before) and after that the player still managed to score. "After that", that is, no more than 20 seconds of playing time after a shot, it can be either a goal immediately after a save shot, or any combination: a deflected shot, then the giveaway by an opposing player and then a goal by the same skater. Such cases are quite rare (23 in the 2018-2019 season and 42 in the 2019-2020 season).

There is only one such case in the current season:

Season 2019-2020 - cases with an interval of 1 second of playing time:

Season 2018-2019 - cases with an interval of 1 second of playing time:

Also, how to check any of that examples? You could do it very easy. For example, for current season case:

  • Find a date schedule at nhl website in scores section.
  • Then go to the meeting page
  • Open play-by-play tab and switch to specified period logs
  • Among other events you will see the goal and the mentioned scorer