Stars of the game top 2019-20

After the match, three players receive the First-Second-Third Star titles. These awards are symbolic and do not depend on any specific characteristics. According to the Stars of the matches of the 2019-2020 season, I have prepared a list of records. As always, you have hardly seen this data anywhere else. 

Patrick Kane earned the most stars in a row in 7 games between 8-20 Nov 2019. He got one of the stars in every match. 

These players received the most First Star in a row (three each): 

In 638 games out of 1334, one of the teams had all three stars. Leader were Vegas Golden Knights with 33 times and 31 times for Boston Bruins and Colorado Avalanche.

The Detroit Red Wings only had one game where the team received all three stars - 15 Dec 2019 with Montréal Canadiens

Leader of personal confrontation - The New York Islanders took all the stars in 5 matches against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Did it four times:

And the longest streak for the First Star for team had a Tampa Bay Lighting in 11 games 30 Jan - 18 Feb 2020.

And in conclusion, some traditional statistics - the most (14 times) First Star received Leon Draisaitl. And 13 times - Connor Hellebuyck, Connor McDavid and Andrei Vasilevskiy.